~Nature and Peace~

To all my readers before I begin, no this is not Chapter 5 yet, but it is coming. I’ve got a good start on it and hope to have it out by the weekend! I am simply taking a small break to write a nature blog because I’ve got to keep the money rolling in. 

As many do not know, I live by the lake. A big lake at that. Lake Wisconsin to be exact. I walk out my front door and…THERE IT IS!! We have a lot of nature such as wild life, trees, and such many different things I’ve never even seen before. For example, the dark fishing spider. I am so afraid of spiders it’s not funny and the dark fishing spider is as creepy as it gets! (I dare all of you to google it. The picture on the bottom is what the look like and they get so much bigger out here by the lake!)Image result for dark fishing spider

Spooky, Right? Like every day is Halloween except without the candy.

Not every day is like this, though. Most days are very calm and relaxing. Peaceful. You go outside and hear nothing but coyotes howl at night; during the day the birds are chirping and you hear the WHOOSH of the lake. Like every day is paradise. Doesn’t that sound enjoyable? Like Heaven, especially when you get days like this:    

Doesn’t that look beautiful? Doesn’t this picture make  you want to build a fort by it and never leave? Looks almost like one of those pictures you see of people relaxing by the ocean with a beer in their hand. Well, I’m sorry to inform you all that this picture IS NOT photo shop like the ones you see in magazines or on social media. This is an actual picture I took myself while fishing on this beautiful lake last summer. This spot is actually right down the road from my house. These are the moments in nature that make it peaceful. These are the moments in nature to cherish. I don’t think we caught any fish on this particular day, but it was such a gorgeous day to sit out and relax. Act like those people relaxing on the beach with a cold beer in my hand. These are honestly the days to live for, people. Instead of stressing about what to wear on your next date night, or about your employer cutting your hours, or about if you’re going to be able to afford your bills for the next two weeks, think about the nature you all could be enjoying. Go on a hike somewhere you’ve never been and take lots of pictures of anything and everything. Go spend the day on an actual beach somewhere, or even grab your grandfathers’ old boat and coast it down the river and soak up everything.

That is the problem with society these days. Everyone focuses on the things they can’t control and they go through life with their head down. Look up for a change and experience all life’s little things such as the nature around you. At least before it passes you by. Me, for example, I’m not afraid to stand on the shore of the lake and look up to the stars because no matter what, I am always looking up.                     

  Have a nice day everyone! Go and enjoy world’s nature and find peace around you!      


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