~Just a little bit of…babble??~

It has been a few days since I posted a blog so I figured I’d write a babble today. Yea, I know it’s no chapter 3 yet…but no worries it is coming! I’m about half way done with chapter 3 to my novel Hopes and Destinies (to all my readers out there no fret! Just hang tight because you won’t regret it!). I’m kind of at a writers block for the moment so I figured..why not write a short blog! It helps me think anyway…kind of clears the block. To all my readers as an update on chapter 3…it is going to be a little longer than the other 2 chapters, and has so much more emotion. Now we are getting into the story 🙂 Ok Ok!! I can’t spoil everything!! My plan is to have it posted in the next couple of days so please be as patient as you can 🙂 something to look forward to though!  

Weather in Wisconsin sucks..alot. I live right by the lake and I am literally counting down the days with my boyfriend til we get to go fishing again. (Hopefully I’m working from home by then and have quit my job. I’m working really hard to get there! Thank you to all my readers 🙂 ). They are calling for 5 more inches of snow in my area tomorrow…boo!!! I hate snow but I live in Wisconsin?? Yea lol. 

Did everyone have a splendid weekend? I hope so. I hope you all were safe as well. My weekend consisted of having the boyfriends kid. We baked cookies YUM!!! Dark chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. I love to bake when I can. My work schedule right now has it hard for me to really do anything. but I survive and we make the best of it while we can. We really did have a lot of fun this past weekend. We are trying to save up for a family vacation trip…maybe to the Dells?? Or maybe we can travel somewhere we’ve never been before…that is what makes life so exciting. Just never know what’s in store or if your able to pack up everything on the drop of a dime and leave town unexpectedly for a few days. I love to travel and hope to get to sometime soon. I also love spending time with my little family 🙂

Writing and getting the chance to share my stories with everyone is something I’ve always been passionate about. With dedication and hard work it pays off :). I love fishing too. Spending a warm sunny day out on the lake is definitely a good way to think and clear your head. I kind of feel like a caged animal right now because I’ve spent all winter inside my house. It gets super cold out by my house plus with all the icy weather its hard to get out and do anything…hence CAN’T WAIT FOR WARMER WEATHER AND FISHING!!! We usually catch anything, but we like to do more of the cat fishing. Just talking about it gets me excited…yes I’m sure you all have noticed from earlier blogs and posting my chapters I am an overly excited person. It’s better than being grumpy all the time right?? 

I’m going to start wrapping this up so I can get back to writing chapter 3 so you guys don’t have to wait a full week to read it. Speaking of chapter 3…there are new characters that appear. I know it’s hard to choose right now but I want you all as you are reading the chapters to my novel to think about your favorite characters. Who do you relate most to? And why? Or who do you guys fall in love with more? Think about it as your reading and comment when you feel like it. I’m very interested to see everyone’s answers down the road!! And the discussions! It is always exciting to see everyone elses point of view because every person is different. 

I’m going to end this now so I can get back to work for a little while longer anyway. Thanks for reading my babbles lol!! And keep a look out for chapter 3 to make its appearance in the next few days!!!! UBER EXCITEMENT!! 


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