Long time…No see…

Hey bloggers!! It has definitely been a while that’s for sure. I’ve been super busy…Dropped out of school to catch up on bills (I know…bad, bad), starting a youtube page to post all my music I write (I started playing again), and I even started a new novel I am currently writing. It’s nothing much but I thought about posting it on here every chapter I finish. I plan on getting it published hopefully. Basically, been busy trying to find myself and it’s a hard slow process.

I hate my job I’m working. So, I’m hoping that these things I’m working really hard towards pays off in the long run because believe me…I don’t want to spend another minute than I have to at my job. It’s like everything I do nobody notices. I bust my butt every day for what? Just to feel like it’s not worth it? Yea, like that’s a job everyone wants to work every day.

Can’t wait for fishing season though. I love to catch the big fish!! Had my birthday the other day..nothing special just another year older. Got my eyebrow pierced again..the double eyebrow piercing. Nah it didn’t hurt…much haha. 

new piercing

Sorry to my readers out there about this post being so short. I just wanted to make sure you guys didn’t forget about me or think something happened to me. I am just about finished with the first chapter in the novel I’m writing called Hopes and Destinies. I will be posting it as soon as it is complete. This was more of a checking in post stating the stuff I’ve been doing. 

Hope you all stay safe out there! 


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