~Why Do Girls Have To Be So Catty?~

I am an observer of people, things, actions, etc. I am also a girl and I know how girls can be…especially towards one another. As many of you know, I recently started cosmetology school. I am in my 5th week and I LOVE IT! But  I’ve also noticed many things especially with today’s generation of the young females. I am by no means into drama or into being “I’m better than you”. Therefore it completely baffles me when I see or hear of other girls being that way. It’s like, all I want to do is slap them across the face and say “Would it kill you to act your age? Not everything is about you.” 

Now..I know I haven’t blogged in a few weeks so this one may be a little long. Better have your reading goggles on! Haha!! Sorry, had to joke even if it’s lame. Anyway, I need to get this out. I usually don’t talk about people…a lot. But I have to here for a moment. Not going to mention any names….so instead we will call her Jill. Jill McGill. Well, I am in a class of 4 people and we all are roughly around the same ages meaning we are older to middle aged and drama free. We all get along for the most part. Classes have been so fun even on the long 12 hour days…they just go by so fast! Anyway, the class right before us has a lot of the young 17-19 year olds. I remember being that age but geez…these days that age is a crisis! WAY too much drama! and unneeded at that! Well, Jill McGill is in that class and she is the stuck up, nose in the air, thinking she’s Gods gift to creation type. (In my opinion, shes the ugliest tiny girl I’ve ever seen.) She comes prancing into our classroom and literally, I mean LITERALLY, tries to go out of her way to start stuff with one particular classmate in my class by rubbing in his face that he apparently has a crush on her or something, I don’t know. Truth be told, I ignore it, but I just see how mad he gets from it. We could be working on our manikin heads and all of us are quiet tending to our own work and here comes Jill prancing in to wind up everyone. How rude!! Plus, our school is about Be Nice Or Else. How is starting stuff like that following the school code? I want to ask her someday “How do you expect to be a good hair dresser if a) you’re constantly all about yourself and b) starting unneeded drama with everyone?”. I hate girls like that. That makes them so catty! I’m a girl and I’ve always wondered what it is about us that makes some of us so dramatic and catty…I’m 25 and in no way like that! Maybe its the age difference…maybe its the different TV shows on that they watch…?

Jill McGill doesn’t know how to clean. Yep, I said that right. I know, I was completely baffled myself and laughing hysterically to myself at the same time. Who doesn’t know how to do basic cleaning like wiping down counters and sweeping???!! Well, Jill doesn’t. She went on telling us that she has never ever done any sorts of cleaning her entire life. Her mom hires a maid to clean their house therefore she doesn’t have to. Wow, so stuck up! It was actually kind of funny watching Jill try to sweep haha! She would take the broom with the dustpan still attached to the broom and walk behind the broom trying to push everything forward. Uhm, honey, that’s not how you use a floor broom. We would try and show her to stand in front of the broom and sweep towards her bringing the stuff into a nice pile easier to pick up in the end. Nope, she cried. She literally started crying and yelling at everyone saying she doesn’t know how to sweep that nobody taught her when we ALL were standing right there trying to show her. Go ahead, have a laugh. I did..a lot. I don’t know what kind of species these girls are these days, but they aren’t human girls. As some of us would say, must be something in the water. Yes, Carrie Underwood got it right with that song! “There must be something in the water.” paul-mitchell

It’s like stepping into a whole new world the moment I walk through the front doors at school. Because that’s when you hear and see things that are just insane. Another example is about these girls bullying another girl WHILE at school and she actually took it out on our teacher by coming into the classroom all rude like and slamming doors and glaring at the teacher like it was the teacher’s fault. Wow, if looks could kill…All of these girls have a rude awakening ahead. They think that being a hair dresser is all about them and thats the way to make money..WRONG! You have to be all about the service guest even if the service guest is complaining about their day and not asking about you and your stuff. You can’t sit there and throw fits and act like a 2 year old in front of your guest because they ain’t coming back if you do that. You mind as well kiss them goodbye and kiss your paycheck goodbye. You want the guests to keep coming back because they are the sole reason why you have a good decent paycheck. I just want to sit every one of these girls down and explain it to them like this. But I know it won’t do any good because they are more concerned about who’s doing what and where and who they can harass. Ladies…STOP BEING SO CATTY! Maybe one day they will get it, one can only hope. They have to fall first before they see, and people have to allow them to fall. Gotta love girls I guess..



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