~Question: What Do You Find Enjoyable About Writing?~

Have you ever read a book or an article of some kind and just gImage result for clip art the simset lost in it with your own imagination? Or are you one of those kinds of people that doesn’t read at all and can’t find ANYTHING enjoyable about it? Do you ever imagine yourself writing your own story? I have and I have written MANY stories. None that I’ve ever published yet, but they are a work-in-progress ordeal. Writing is a way to create your own universe and “play God” as I would say. I love to write short stories or even novels (if I get to the point of finishing them ha ha!) because to me it is a unique way of creating my own world kind of like a sims game. I know everyone has heard of the sims!! You can create your own characters, make people fall in love, kill people, create a unique underworld of the supernatural; whatever your imagination musters up. I always imagine my books getting published one day and becoming a movie, now that would be awesome. That is if I ever get to the point of finishing a good book that I can send in to a publisher. 

To me, writing is a way of also brainstorming ideas or just building the imagination; expanding your mind. That is what I enjoy about writing. Now, I’m not a political writer or a news writer. As a matter of fact that kind of journalism I HATE! I completely despise with a passion! I understand there are those types of people that are drawn to that kind of material…well, I’m sorry if you’re reading this, but if you are one of those people you should probably stop reading this. That is not the kind of audience I’m looking for. I’m more of a free writer. I like to write about what I like, because that is what makes the writing worth reading. It’s kind of like you’re in high school and the teacher forces you to write a piece on something that you have no interest in, you find you have to do research on the topic, and the paper has to be 5 pages long and due at the end of the week. Now, unless you’re a student who is top of the class straight A (which I wasn’t) the odds are you are going to:

  • Wait til the very last minute to write your paper meaning the night before the due date.
  • Do as less research as possible and copy and paste everything just to get it done.
  • You’ll get your paper done, but it won’t be 5 pages. It will be more like 3 if that!

The next thing you know, your grade will be dropping because your attitude about the paper will reflect in your writing. You don’t have to go to school to major in writing. All you have to do is find something you are interested about and write about it. If you do that, you end up putting more thought and more time into your writing. Image result for clip art writing

When I find something I like to write about, it kind of puts me into my own little world. Almost like I’m living as one of the characters. Kind of gets me away from reality for a little while. Sometimes I feel like I’m reading my own material when I do that. In a way it is another thing I can say I find peaceful. Until I hit a writers block that is! Writers blocks are the worst. I wish I knew how to keep my writing going without the writers blocks. Sometimes they make me throw away the material I’ve started and start over because I just get so frustrated. That is probably why I haven’t been able to finish any of my novels I’ve started…hmm…I do, however find this blog thing to help with that a little because it kind of helps get my mind off of the current work and free it for a while on babbling about something else for a little (I do apologize if I start to get annoying. I promise all my blogs won’t be like this…I’m just gathering thoughts for my next short story I can share). 

Ok, I’ll start wrapping this up..as a writer, I challenge the question: what do you enjoy about writing? Or least enjoy works too! 


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