Life Lesson #1

Wow. First day on the job. When people say “Yeah, you can make money working from home! It’s as easy as one, two, three…!” I have to say I didn’t believe them. Then I did some more research and found that those people weren’t crazy…I WAS!! For not looking into it sooner. “What a fool!” I thought to myself, plus a lot of profanity spoken words to myself, ha! 

Anyway, enough of the rambling, I want to say a little about myself even though I don’t find myself very interesting (like at all, ha ha). I am a very motivated and dedicated person. I strive for ANYTHING that is possible in life; I mean I do believe that anyone can do whatever they set their mind to. Even if your goals seem out of reach, don’t give up! Because let me tell you all something, I wanted to give up. BIG TIME! Because it just seemed like every time I would find another door that opened, it closed just as fast. I felt like I was getting nowhere…and that is definitely the worst feeling EVER! I didn’t know what to do. I cried like almost every night (my boyfriend thought I was losing my mind). It’s been tough. Like really tough. But, he just held me tight every night and listened to me cry and kept saying everything was going to be alright; to not give up because giving up now would mean giving up on “us” and everything we had worked for so far in life. What an awesome boyfriend, right? Yeah, he’s the best, my one and only and honestly I couldn’t do it without him. To keep pushing everyday towards our life goals is so much easier knowing I have him by my side. And that is the lesson: no matter how tough times may get, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. It gets easier as long as you don’t give up and keep pushing through it every day. You’ve got a goal in life? Go for it. Who cares if people tell you you can’t do it. Yes you can. You just have to find your way and make it happen. I know people out there that just give up on their life goals because they think they can’t achieve it. I call them “floaters” because that is exactly what they do is float through life not doing anything with their life because they truly believe they “can’t” do it. Don’t be like them. Don’t be a “floater”. You want to be a doctor, or an actress? DO IT! I believe in all of you!! 

Let me go on by telling a story: I’ve always been into music. I was top of the class in my high school choir, I learned how to play the piano and acoustic guitar all by myself, I had received scholarships to go to school for music. I always had my parents telling me that I wasn’t going to be able to make it far and that the money isn’t in that career. “I had to go to school for something where the money was” was all I heard over and over again. Which lead me to be pushed into the Accounting and Finance field. I HATED it! Over the years I’ve been in and out if school trying to finish the degree and I just CAN’T! Not because I’m not any good at it, but because it’s not something I ever wanted to do in life. I am now 25 years old going on 26 and I am buried in college debt because of this reason. I was forced to believe I wasn’t allowed to do anything else in my life and to live unhappy. Uhm…no!! WRONG! It took me years to figure out that it’s not about how much money you make, it’s about loving what you are doing every day! I am now going back to school September 28 for cosmetology. Yeah I’ve still had people try to tell me that’s stupid or dumb because I “can’t” do it or “that’s not going to make you a lot of money”. I roll my eyes at them because I’m already doing it. By them being “negative Nancy’s” about it just pushes me harder towards my goals. 

So, if ever someone tries to put you down about your life goals, use that negativity for motivation to push harder for those goals. Because the pay off in the end is going to be much greater and you can go back and say “I did it”. Who cares what people think? Life is all about what you make it. It’s your life so do what you want with it; reach for the stars! 

With that said, I’m going to be writing various amounts of different styles blogs. Many of them will be short stories I’d like to share that I’ve written over the years. Others about life lessons I go through that can maybe help others with the same situations. I’ve heard I’m a very good motivational speaker ha ha! I even write song lyrics here and there. So stay tuned!


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